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"A zombie apocalypse game that is radically different from every other one of those on the market, in a very very good way"

"The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, with less punk and more nerd shit, more concentrated on being fun than being grim."

"it's adventure time or kipo and the age of wonderbeasts - a giant mishmash of every bizarre and colourful post-apocalypse all at once, and you're all running around in it meeting new people, fighting those new people, building and breaking stuff, and having some really touching moments along the way."

Are you tired of post apocalypse stories that focus on grit and grime and an all around bad time?

Are you looking for a game where magic is alive, community comes together, and people look out for one another?

How about a game where a werewolf can teach a dinosaur to skateboard?

ZS2E is a game that has been brought back and revitalized for the current tabletop landscape. A Powered by the Apocalypse game that enjoys the apocalypse, enjoys magic, enjoys mystical things and people coming together to help each other in pulpy action adventure. 

A game that is not afraid to have fun, to be indulgent, to be goofy. ZS2E has robust moves, playbooks, tags, community generation and progression, completely statted non player characters, prestige classes, and item management. The combat is fun, tactical, and has a meat to it. It's also completely avoidable to instead engage with communication and community building. This 150+ page text has everything you need in a crunchy, narrative first adventure.

If you are more interested in opening a rift to another world in the basement of your theme park base, the faewaeld possessing some muppets, and werewolf scientists than you are gritty revenge stories, Zombie Survivalist Second Edition is the game for you. 

ZS2E is by Cody Hawley and Riley Hopkins, the music is from Ben Schwind, short stories in the actual book by Chris Hutton.

PAGES: 152




Zombie Survivalist Second Edition is in playtesting, but is feature complete. We plan to Kickstart a physical edition with more art, playbook move cards, an editor, and short stories. There are also plans for splatbooks to be stretch goals.

We want to make ZS2E the best game it can be—and that's going to take time. It's feature complete right now, and it's only gonna get better!

We will continue to update the PDF as we move along, and anyone who buys the PDF now will get access to EVERY PDF update for no additional cost. Any additional splats will not be included, gotta leave something for kickstarter backers, am I right? ;)

We welcome playtesting notes from your games of ZS2E! Please fill out our feedback form at  https://forms.gle/uNFeKdvFNMYD7agK8.  

Tell your friends about the remarkable stories you made in Zombie Survivalist Second Edition using  the hashtag #ZS2E on Twitter! 


Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

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Character Sheet.pdf 672 kB
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The Artisan Playbook Move Cards 1 MB
The Community Leader Playbook Move Cards 1 MB

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