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One of the greatest things is hearing about a 2nd edition coming out soon RIGHT AFTER I learn the game exists! Can't wait to see what you have in store!

Thinking of getting it, just some Questions first.

What is Interstitial Portrait/Landscape Mode? Is this the first or second edition of Interstitial? 

portrait and landscape are single page or double page! This is first edition!

Are you planing to get Interstitial on to a VTT like Foundry?

it would definitely be cool! I unfortunately have looked into it and the level of coding required eludes me. But maybe one day!

Hey,  the website for Linksmith Games seems to have expired. Hope you're doing okay!

Yeah, its a bit of a bummer but I can't afford to keep it up rn! I'll hopefully have it up again in the future!

Heya I like what I see of this system and I was thinking that maybe in the future you could open a discord for a community to be made for people to try it out!

I had a discord for it once, but unfortunately I don't have the time to moderate or run a discord for Interstitial by myself. I'm sorry! 


Really looking forward to the Second Edition now that Actual Play Season 4 has been announced. After completing GMing a campaign of my own, the hyperfixation hasn't died down. So looking forward to how Second Edition changes things. Even in the midst of planning another campaign. And continuing to play in a Play-by-Post campaign or two.

Hi this is gonna sound a little silly but I bought this on drivethru and I think that version doesn't come with the basic moves and form fillable playbooks, is there any way I can get just those? I'm fully willing to prove I bought it forever ago!


yeah! Give me your email and I can send you a link to add this to your itch!


Thanks!! My email is mblack0909 @ gmail !

Hi I was just wondering if I could still get that link! If not that's alright, I just can't afford to buy the game on itch rn


Here you go!

So I recently lost access to a account that I bought a few ttrpg on but still have the pdf on my PC so I'm try to see if it would be possible to get a copy connect to this account instead I understand if that's not possible 

Yeah totally! Send me an email at and I can hook you up

Finally remembered to pick up this book after forgetting to for several years, but I wanted to ask, having listened to the third season of your AP, when you think a newer version will be publicly available for things like changing some +1s into lifts, or the proper inclusion of professional risk? I know that I could very easily just write those rules into it myself, but I'm still interested in future versions in case of other small balancing changes or mechanical rewordings that might prove interesting or useful as well.

so this is stupid, probably double stupid because I highly doubt this is something that's been on your mind at all, but I felt an urge to apologize for leaving this comment, because every once in a while I remember it and feel like a jackass for showing up and going "hey when's your next thing done" in the comments here. I intend to back the 2E kickstarter and even if this is like, not even a real worry or a real concern for you at all, I'm sorry for me several years ago being the kind of person who asks where the new thing is

Using the Powered by the Apocalypse framework, Interstitial provides all the tools you need to traverse various worlds, smash IPs together, and weave your own indecipherable story about the ties that bind us.

My brother's birthday is tomorrow and this is exactly the sort of game he'd love, so I had to get it. Looking through the rules though, there's something I might be missing: Is there a suggested minimum or a maximum number of players for this game?


there isn't really! I've played from one player up to like, six players! It's really up to you as a player or the person running it!

Fantastic! It’s always up in the air how many players we can wrangle to play a session, so that’s great news. Thanks!


I just wanted to let you know that this is my favorite TTRPG of all time. Seriously. So simple, and yet so flexible. I have always wanted an RPG that works for multiversial world-hopping adventure, and this is finally the one. Thank you for making this.


Riley’s flagship game is Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined. On the surface it is a PbtA game inspired by Kingdom Hearts, but underneath that is some of the most interesting and complex interpersonal mechanics I’ve ever seen.

Interstitial takes the interpersonal mechanics built into a lot of PbtA (Example: History/Hx in Apocalypse World and Bonds in Dungeon World) and pumps them way up. In Interstitial, characters generate “Links” with other PC’s and NPC’s. Links correspond to the four relationship stats: Light, Dark, Mastery, and Heart. Players spend most of the game generating and using these links.

Despite there being mechanics for fighting and questing, it’s really the gamification of relationships that shines. I think this game is representative of some of the wild places PbtA games are going in the future!