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Hi! I don't intend to be rude I'm just curious: why is this game $20? Back when Stew Pot was being sold it was going for around $15. Again this is just to satisfy my own curiosity not to be rude or say you don't deserve the money. I don't have the money to spare right now to find out for myself so I thought I'd just ask.

Truly, to make the investment in the art worth it. Stewpot is an amazing, fantastic game that is worth every penny and more. I just put into the art for wishing well and needed to recoup that!

Ah, that makes sense. 

Thanks for the reply! I honestly really wish I had the money. It's on my ever growing list of ttrpgs I'd like to buy someday.

Gift copy of Wishing Well

immaculate vibes, lovely and fun and adorable and really knows how to tap into the Stardew/Harvest vibes.

the perfect blend of stardew valley & stewpot, the vibes? they are immaculate