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If Not Us, Then Who? is a game about transforming teenage hero shows. Think Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, or Animorphs. It is unique in that it is more about the narrative structure of this kind of show than individual actions.

The episode-structure prompts that Riley has written are spectacular, and really evocative. Get ready to play though holiday episodes, bottle episodes, crossover eps, and more!

This game is just begging to be hacked to play through some other types of procedural show! Also the villain of your story can be “Yule Lads,” so you know this is a great game.


That sounds really cool ! 

Do you have a preview of what kind of card your game uses ?

Or may be an example of how the game works ?

Thank you


Yeah! I just added a picture of two of the cards, and the rules breakdown of The Episodes and Beats, along with what the "character sheet" looks like!