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Extracurriculars is a tabletop rpg about being in class and wishing you were on the field. It's a game inspired by Haikyu, my experiences in High School Show Choir, Power Rangers and just sports in general.

Extracurriculars is a reverse and simplified Forged in the Dark game. The point of the game is the downtime, where you are meeting with your friends between classes and having drama at the lunch table all because of a botched pass on Saturday.

Your rolls are D6 matching with positioning,. Choosing if a roll if Risky, Standard, and Controlled, then rolling dice to match it. There are no stats, there are very light playbooks, this game is simple and breezy and made for a good time.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
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AuthorRiley Hopkins
Tagsathlete, Forged in the Dark, GM-Less, PbtA, Tabletop role-playing game, Two Player


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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I agree strongly with the comments from EMOJK below. And I hate leaving negative reviews on Itch - for what is clearly a passion project!

But charging $15 for this is nuts. I feel ripped off. Here's why:

  • The document is only 35 short pages, with about 2-3 paragraphs per page.
  • The only real art is the front cover.
  • The entire game is written in a low-legibility font. It would be difficult for someone with dyslexia to read this document.
  • Overall, the document has not been designed with legibility in mind. It's been designed to imitate a school notebook.
  • The mechanics are not well explained. It's not clear how the mechanics are meant to facilitate the experience promised by the game designer.
  • There is very little guidance for how to run the game, compared to other FITD or PBTA games. No agenda, no principles, no guide to how to make the game flow.
  • There are no character sheets or play-aids included.

I wouldn't feel so ripped off if there had been preview material that indicated what was included in the purchase price. A preview of an internal spread, a table of contents, and an indication of the number of pages are a must-have.

I also would feel less ripped off if I thought the game was contributing interesting ideas to FITD game design. But beyond the initial concept - "It's all downtime!" - I found very little of use. 

To the author - I'm sorry you had to read this review, I'm sure it sucks! But please consider your customers next time you put something out for purchase. 


This game is a huge disappointment. It promises greatness but its simple mechanics are poorly explained and the game contains next to nothing in its 35 pages apart from them: for a concept based mostly on downtime, there's no guide or helpful content to encourage players towards it.

I'm particularly disappointed because the concept of the game is very promising, but the execution is lackluster and is not worth $15 in my opinion. I don't usually leave comments like these on itch but I thought people deserved to know what they were buying (which the game page doesn't really indicate)…

Hey! Sorry it wasn't what you were looking for! What exactly would have helped you make a more informed purchasing decision?


Previews of the inside pages and an indication of the number of pages (and/or a table of contents) would have definitely helped!


I will make sure those are added!